How to build back links for SEO

How to build back links for SEO

How to build backlinks for SEO? You already know that the only way to move your site to the top of Google is to build high quality backlinks (and lots of them). These are all real links, and are entirely legitimate and approved for optimization by Google.

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What are backlinks and why are they so important?

Backlinks (inbound links, incoming links, inward links and inlinks) are hyperlinks that point towards your website/blog from other domains all around the web. These links are one of the most important factors when it comes to search engine optimization (SEO) and will help your site achieve a higher rank on search engine result pages (SERP). Simply put, the more high quality links you have pointing back to your site, the more popular search engines will deem your page, helping your site rank higher on Google, Bing, Yahoo and more!

What are quality backlinks?

We have talked about the importance of quality backlinks, but now we come to the meat of the matter – what are quality backlinks? Even though a high quality backlink is rather subjective, most marketing professionals can agree that there are a number of different factors that make up a quality backlink. If you want a great backlink, it should focus on a number of these different aspects. Even though we should not expect a ‘perfect’ backlink, meeting the criteria below (at least in part) means that you have a high-quality backlink.

Factor #1 – A Relevant Source

When talking about quality backlinks, it is understandable that search engines look at relevance when evaluating their backlinks. Search engines are going to look at the relevance of the content that surrounds the link directly, the specific page relevance with the link on it, and the overall relevance of the linking website.

Factor #2 – A Trusted Source

If you have a high quality backlink, it makes sense that it comes from a high quality website. There are a number of different trusted seed sites that search engines use to determine whether a website is trustworthy. These are websites that are known to be high quality and are exceedingly difficult to get a link from. Your TrustRank is higher if there are fewer links from a site that is one of the seed sites. This is going to increase the overall quality of the backlink for that website.

Factor #3 – Sending Traffic

This is one of the most overlooked aspects of backlinks – traffic. The original purpose of a link (before we ever started to get concerned about search engine algorithms) was to add value to a page by offering a direct link somewhere.

Importance of quality backlinks

If other sites want to link to your website it means that they recognize that your site has dominance and authority in its category and by establishing a backlink to your site they hope to better their ranking. Similarly if yours is a new website, you want to create backlinks. The more backlinks to legitimate sites you have the better will be your ranking.

Creating quality backlinks takes time and there are no shortcuts to it. You must check the page ranking of a website before creating a backlink to it. Some websites allow other websites to create backlinks to it, whereas some do not. The reason for this is that they do not want spam sites creating links to their sites.

Recognizing the fact that backlinks played a major role in improving the ranking of websites, Cheaters started advertising and selling links to website owners who were unaware that they were being scammed. Search engines got wise to this fraud and started banning websites that were offering spam backlinks and they also blacklisted websites that had links to spam sites. Therefore, as a webmaster never buy backlinks from shady sites.

Before getting any backlinks make doubly sure that the website with which you are creating a backlink is a reputable and established site. Also always get links from websites that are in your category. For example if your website sells sports magazines get links with sports sites and news sites that cover sports. Don’t get links to car repair or dog training sites as these sites have no relevance to your site and search engines will become suspicious of your backlinks. Remember search engines are extremely smart and intelligent and they follow every websites backlinks and check if they are relevant to the content of the website. Because if a search engine blacklists a website because of it having shady backlinks, that will spell the end for that website.

Yes, websites do need backlinks but you must first check if the site that you are getting a backlink from has a high ranking and PR. It’s better to build your backlinks slowly rather than rushing to create backlinks and stinging your site. Many webmasters have faced a bad experience when they bought spam backlinks which got their websites blacklisted by the search browsers.

Getting a top ranking is a tough and arduous job that takes time and patience. You cannot shoot to the top in page ranking even if you are selling top quality items. There are millions of websites on the internet and thousands more are being created every day. Therefore the competition for top ranking on search engines is a long battle and you have to use every legitimate tactic to achieve that target. Once you do you have to fight to retain it as someone will be trying to replace you. Creating and setting up a website is easy. The really tough part is making it to the first page in a search browser and to be listed among the first four or five sites.

Where to buy backlinks?

We recommend you build back links for yourself, however you need buy backlinks, you want your backlinks to be high quality. That is why you should only focus on websites that you can trust, the types of websites that are going to offer you good backlinks for your money. These are a few of the recommended options:

  1. Backlinks

how to build backlinks for seo

This is one of the most popular sites to buy quality Backlinks from. You can use your credit card or debit card to purchase the Backlinks, and if you want, then you can also make use of the PayPal account.

Moreover, it is also a good site to sell the Backlinks and make money out of it. The ranking of is quite high; therefore, you can pretty well guess that how well it can improve your ranking as well.

  1. Fivver

how to build backlinks for seo

This is one name that most of us are aware of because it is one big marketplace where you can purchase your Backlinks and also other gigs for just $5.

Sounds cool. Right?

But you need to be aware of something, many gig sellers use automated tools to build which might be harmful as well. So, selection of the right gig is more important than purchasing. Buy only the gigs that possess high ratings and reviews and have been bought by many buyers. It is not about the quantity you buy; it depends on the quality of the gigs you buy.

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Just buy, what’s necessary and sit back and watch your post rankings jump up in Google.

If you are serious about getting high quality backlinks, you want to make sure that you are putting yourself in the best possible position to do so. Even though content is vitally important for your overall marketing strategy, backlinks can play an important role in getting a high ranking.

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