How to make money affiliate marketing 2019?

How to make money affiliate marketing 2019? This is the question that many students often ask us via facebook chat or email contact. We write this article to answer this question. Please read the following!

There is a dozen of ways to earn money from online, but in this article, we will guide you how to make money from affiliate marketing. The highest requirement of earning passive income is when you are students. Affiliate marketing program is not just a part time job, but also the biggest full-time jobs that you can take as a career after your college study.

How to make money affiliate marketing

How to make money from affiliate marketing?

We have joined in earning from affiliate marketing, and we want to share a short writing of the necessary work so that you can see the general steps before you begin to create a niche site and earn money online.

We only will refer the basic steps, if you want to read more details, please find to click the links on this writing.

How to make money from affiliate marketing without website?

One of the most common questions people ask us is “do you need a website for affiliate marketing?

We say “Yes”. Why?

When you become an affiliate marketer, you will receive a personalized affiliate link. This link has a special code at the end that is used by your affiliate partner to track the customers that you have sent to their website. With that information, you can use that link anywhere online and if people go to their website, you will still be able to earn your commissions.

You can post that link on other people’s sites, in comment sections, on social media, and so on, but it’s so difficult to get more clicks without a website.

So, forget to make money from affiliate marketing without a website. Creating a website has now become easier than before.

We have always used my blogs and websites as the main aspect of my affiliate marketing business, and while we will always recommend having a website if you’re an affiliate marketer.

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Tools to make money from Affiliate Marketing

Keyword research

To make money from online with affiliate marketing, you must do research keyword to find out right keywords relating to your loving topics.

See more: How to do research keyword with Semrush

We highly recommend SEMrush for keyword research and competitor keyword analysis. It’s reliable, accurate and all the data you need in most niches. You can try it FREE FOR 7 DAYS by following the link below:

Go to SEMRush

You must find out 5 other keywords relating to seed keyword when you get good keywords. And you must do again If you cannot choose any keywords. These keywords are the relating products, your niche site is too small for writings and promoting website, if you cannot find out at least 5 relating keywords.

See more: How to do research keyword with Semrush.


You can buy Domain at NameCheap or Namesilo because of cheap price instead of others.

  • Do not select domain including words of best, top, reviews.
  • Select domain relating to your keyword by adding words of expert, advice, beginner,… such as
  • Or you can choose a domain without containing any keywords but your contents aim to buyer or promoting products.


We recommend you to buy hosting at iPgae. You now install WordPress, theme, and plugin… and start to earn from affiliate.

Go to iPage

Bank Account


Paypal is one of the popular gateway of online payments. You cannot buy hosting or domain without Paypal account, because many service of domain-hosting don’t accept other gateway of payments.

We use Payoneer to receive monthly payment from Affiliate program.

Go to Payoneer

Content writing

As a student, content writing is so easy because you can get it from your assignments or your loving topics.

Content writing is one of the best part time job if you love writing. We think students can train to become an academic writing and freelance writing is the best option for earning. You can find jobs related to writing jobs like Lexiconn, Fiverr, UpWork, ect…


Create a niche site to make money from affiliate marketing 2019 is one of the best ways if you want to find a job to earn money online and is the best options for students of the year 2019. Students can utilize their spare time to earn money online and convert their boring time into excitements every time they got a success. Students can maximize the rate of revenue earns to support their families & keep their education continuous. Online jobs will make the race of career bright in future if you are getting success.

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