Neobux 2019 review

Neobux 2019 Review

Here’s our Neobux 2019 review for giving you a valuable answer for the questions such as: Is Neobux a Legit or Scam? Is it worth spending your time?

Please keep reading, this review will give you an idea if Neobux is good for you or not. Either way, we hope you find this review helpful.

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Neobux is one of the few PTC websites who passed the test of time. Only few managed to last this long while most of them shut down in less than a year. Neobux pays its members for clicking on the advertisements and visiting the sponsored websites for a given time. The time is usually around some 12 seconds, so it’s not a time waste for you. The money you make by clicking ads is not much compared to your daily jobs, but neobux also provides a few other ways to maximize your earnings with online mini jobs, surveys and ect.

“Their goal is to innovate and reach the needs of their users as well as their advertisers”, and that what separates them from most PTC sites. They are one of the most popular PTC sites in the business as well, everyone who have been in the Paid To Click niche for a while knows them. If you are newbie in this field, please read more how to make money with paid to click sites.

Now let’s go deeper and allow us to tell you what we like and dislike about Neobux.

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  1. Very Stable Business:

Their revenue comes from their large number of advertisers. Neobux has a long term relationship with them because they’re providing quality traffic from their website.

All impressions and clicks are coming from real users  which is very important to advertisers. They want to promote their product to as many person as possible to maximize their investments.

  1. Quality Traffic:

All members of Neobux are looking for ways to earn money, so if your niche site is about making money online you might get a good result advertising with them.

You already have thousands of targeted audience, they’re just waiting for you to show off your product. It’s a decent way to building your email list and generate income from affiliate programs.

Just keep in mind that you only have a few seconds to capture the attention of your viewers, so make sure your advertisement is catchy.

  1. Instant Payment:

This is another proof that Neobux is a very stable PTC site. They can pay all of their members instantly via Skrill, or Neteller in a push of a button. Once you cashout your earnings it will reflect in your account immediately, this is something you’re looking for from a PTC website.

Instant payment shows that they have enough profit from their advertisers to pay everyone.

  1. Lots of Ads and Mini Jobs:

Our rough estimate is there are at least 200 ads and 10 tasks per week in Neobux. Which will give you an opportunity to earn at least $2 per month as a newbie.

  1. Make Money For Free:

You are not required to upgrade your membership to earn money from Neobux, as a standard member you can still make few bucks every month from them.

Most ads are worth $0.001 and tasks are worth at least  $0.01. Neobux’s mini-job pays higher than any other PTC site in the business. You can earn roughly $2 per month just by doing simple tasks and viewing ads.

As a standard member you can earn 15% commission for every task your direct referral completed and $0.0005 commission from their clicks.

  1. Well Managed:

Neobux has been online for more than 8 years and it’s still getting stronger. They have been through a lot of controversy before but they manage to overcome it and become the King of PTC. There are only few PTC Sites that passed the test of time.

They made all necessary changes to be able to pay their members and provide quality service to their advertisers.

  1. Higher Commission from Mini Jobs and Offers:

Neobux has higher commissions from tasks and offers than most PTC / GPT. In addition, their AdPrize gives more prizes in quantity and higher prizes in value than any grid.

There are definitely ways to make passive income from Neobux but there are also things to avoid to prevent losing money.


  1. Lazy Rented Referrals:

I lost money from Rented Referrals before because of low click rate, I tried many ways to improve it but my RR’s average click per day stayed far below from the Break Even Point (BEP). To make it simple, I’m paying more than what I’m earning.

Initially, I thought it can be resolved by recycling the inactive referrals, but I was wrong. I tried to do a lot of recycling techniques, but to no avail. I keep on paying more for their monthly renewal fees than earning from their clicks.

In my continues search to address this issue with rented referrals, I came across Neobux Referrals Handy Manager, it helped me improve my average clicks per day. I downloaded the free version and I was happy with the result. This product definitely helped me a lot, but I’m still losing money.

Basically, I need to reach 1.0 average click per day and extend my referrals to 90 days for me to earn a profit, but I’m just unable to pull it off. My average click went as high as 0.7 click per day which is already good, but not good enough to make a profit.

Then I realized that the only option to make a profit and maximize it is to renew the RRs to 240 days to take advantage of the discount. This will lower down your BEP drastically.

  1. Expensive Upgrades:

This is common from PTC sites, their premium memberships are expensive. For Neobux, it starts at $90/year for Golden membership, and you can get further upgrades that can go as high as $890/year on top of the Golden membership.

The good thing is members have a chance to win free Golden membership Neobux from their Adprize or they can convert accumulated 30000 points as Golden upgrade.

  1. Limited Direct referrals:

This may not be a big deal for some, but it’s definitely a plus if you can refer as many members as you can. Especially if you’re planning to advertise your referral link and expecting to acquire lots of referrals.

In order to become eligible for unlimited direct referrals, you need to upgrade your membership to Ultimate which costs $890/year.

  1. Forum Has Strict Rules:

Just like any other PTC Site, Neobux has strict forum where some sensitive topics may not be discussed.

If you can’t find a specific topic you’re looking for from their Forum, we recommend to check well known PTC forums instead such as MoneySpace and TalkPTC.


Nowadays people are searching for the ways to earn money online for their pocket money; as a result they are being scammed by many fraud websites. So, they have a bad impression about the money making websites, but still they are in a hunt for the best program to make money.

Every person who tried to make money online possibly (already) met neobux in their online journey. They are in a little confusion with the neobux program which has many options for their members. Another reason for people having doubts on a new website is that they don’t want to waste their time for working with a fraud website which doesn’t pay anything.

Is Neobux A Scam ?

I think the answer depends on the person you ask, because many have good experiences with this website while a few are anger with the way neobux behaved with them. In the first month of my efforts at neobux, I earned $2 for only clicking on the PTC advertisements. You may laugh at my earnings but I tried to test the website and not to make money from it. Then I redeemed my income to Skrill and got paid in a short time which made me happy because I got a new genuine website to promote in my blog.

My answer for the above question is ‘ NO ‘, because I already proved that neobux is a best paying ptc site and pays their members to click on the advertisements.

In my latest updates you may see my earnings and achievements at neobux, but that doesn’t mean that neobux will work for you too.

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Neobus Strategy

To earn more throught neobux, you can get more direct refs and upgrade to Golden Membership as soon as possible. As a begginner, you can earn with online mini jobs, surveys and ect

1. Direct Referrals Were Essential For Success!

I can not stress that enough…

If you don’t know what Direct Referrals are, let us briefly explain what/who they are and how they can benefit you.

​Direct Referrals are real people you invited to join a Paid to Click site using your referral link. They can earn you commissions when they are earning or spending money at the website.

2. How to get direct refferals?

We recommend making a website and promote your refferal link, and earn from affiliate. Read more at create a website with WordPressThis guide explains everything you need to know from choosing a domain name to customizing your website.

3. Upgrade to Golden Membership.

When you have getten many direct refferals, you upgrade to Golden membership as soon as possible! Because you will get more profits and commissions from refferals. See more “Get free golden membership in neobux”.

How to earn more money through Neobux website?

My Final Neobux Review

I have listed all the positive and negative parts of neobux throughout this review; that’s why you must read till the end of this article without missing any valuable information if you do not want to face any problems in the coming days.

I am not sure that you can earn lot of money with neobux as it totally depends on the time you invest on the website and the strategy you deal with, but not on your luck. If you have a good plan (or Strategy) in referring real people, and upgrading at the right time, you are about to become the next neobux king.

I have tasted good success at neobux with direct referrals, but when I bought rented referrals, all my money was wasted in it. This is my complete neobux review. Before I end this, there are some highlights I would like you to know. Neobux is a legit site, definitely, because it has been paying at the right time from a long time. The minus points are its referral program, referral earning policy, direct referral limit, and a few strict or silly rules that everyone must follow, or else their accounts will be suspended.

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