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Best search engine ranking checker tool known as SEMrush which is the one of the secret rules to rank #1 page of Google. What exactly the SEMrush is?

Do You Want to Crush your competitor? Do You Want Organic Traffic to your Blog ? Do You Want to Rank on the First Page of Google? Do You Want to Make More Money?

If you want to do that all than, sit back relax, I will help you.

Today, I’m going to review a advance keyword research tool known as SEMrush. This is the one of the secret rules to rank #1 page of google.

So let’s start this topic but first let know what exactly the SEMrush is?

What is SEMrush?

SEMrush is a tool that is design to do complete SEO on your blog. It is a smart tool that let you make more money by doing following things.

SEMrush helps to do the following things-

• Keyword Research

• Keyword Tracking

• SEO Audit of your Blog

• Backlink Opportunities for You Blog

SEMrush is a digital marketing software which provide the marketers with competitive data to grow their marketing.

SEMrush helps your website to work smartly not hardly and that is why SEMrush rocks and there is no competitive tools than SEMrush.

SEMrush have-

• More than 130 millions domain
• Covered more than 100 geo database
• More than 800 Million Keywords
• More than 1 Million Active Users

This service have the unbeatable stats which makes this tool more trusted and helpful because 1 million+ active users can’t be wrong

How Accurate is SEMrush?

According to SEMrush, they focus on top 100 search result of google and bing, so there data is so accurate and similar to google analytics.

The keyword in the database of SEMrush is frequently searched keyword and they update it regularly.

The information in SEMrush is exactly the same as google analytics but in SEMrush you can do keyword research more relaiably.

SEMrush – A Smart SEO Tools? (Practical)

SEMrush is a smart SEO tools, SEMrush is a product of SEOquake, SEMrush is so accurate and smart because they offer more reliable service than anyone does.

I tell that SEMrush is a smart SEO tools but really? let’s check it out.

Below, there is “Search” box which is search box of semrush, just enter your website URL in it and check the status of your website, if you like you can enter the keyword that you want to target.

Now, done ! hit enter and then they will show you all data, backlinks, keywords that you rank for and more pakages of complete stats.

If you want to use SEMrush then I would like to tell you that there is a few daily limit of SEMrush, but to remove limits you can buy SEMrush.

How to Know Competitor Keywords or Find Competitor Keywords?

This is Quick Demo that “How SEMrush Works“, there is more work which can be done by this tools which will covered in future.

Step 1– Go to and put your competitor website URL.

Step 2– Let’s take tipskitricks as a competitor.

Step 3– After that click on “Organic Research”

Step 4– Now you will see the all keyword that Tipskitricks is ranked for and then make a list of your competitor keyword that they rank on google and then write a post/article about that, within few days you will ranked up.

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Step 5– Make list of your competitor and try to rank with their keywords by writing a article.

You Can see the following stats and there is lot’s of feild, if you don’t know then let me take a quick overview of the following feilds.

• Position – With searched keyword, what they ranked for

• Volume – Number of match searches

• CPC – Average cost per click for that keyword

That’s So Easy to Check Out the Competitor Keywords…

Buy SEMrush Subscription and Crush Your Competitor

I know that SEMrush is one of the best Search engine ranking tools for blogger and this is the secret tool that every blogger used.

If You Have Companies/Website/Blog/Any Online Business then You Must Need this Tools to Crush Your Competitors.

There are so much Competiton out there and I can easily tell that by using this tool your business will grow for sure with thousands of organic search traffic.

SEMrush – Quick Review

As you can watch in the image above that they have best stats as compare to any tools.

 Alexa Rank – 1,384 (Global)

 Backlinks – 5,477 (Alexa)

• Users – 1 Million+ Users

• Domains – 130 Millions Indexed Domains

• Geo Database – 100+ Country

• Keywords – 800+ Millions Indexed Domains

• Tools Overview – Keyword Research, SEO Audit, Backlinks Checker and many more..

• Accuracy – 100%

• Ratings – 4.7/5

• Recommended – 98.5/100

• Comments – Best Search Engine Ranking Tools

SEMrush is Free or Paid

SEMrush is free tools but you can get free trial and after your trials overs and if you did not like they will refund your money.

I recommend to invest in this tool (SEMrush) because it is the only tool that you can used and grow you business without spending a dollar on ads.

We all know that advertising is so costly but SEMrush is tool that we can grow our blog/websit/business without advertising, just by doing little bit research and SEO.

You Can Start Free 14 Days Trial and Start Crushing Your Competitor

Conclusion – Wrapping UP

When you talk about SEO and SEM it seems to be very complicated, but SEMrush made it simple for us. Every marketers who want to grow their serious business then SEMrush is good tools for you.

It is paid tool but you can get free trial too, if you did not like then they will refund your money for sure.

I’m sure that you will grow your business with this advance keyword research tool and also best search engine ranking tools ever I have used.

I hope this SEMrush review help you to grow your business to the next level, you can also use this tool for free and up to 10 request a day but I recommend to buy it and I will garanteed that you will rank and crush your competition.

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