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Online Surveys Jobs

Online Survey Jobs is the easiest way to spend your spare time to earn money online. It’s a nice option to make some additional revenue and it is suitable for most people.

I don’t recommend this option, but you can earn the first dollars to buy domain and hosting. Then, create a website and start to earn from affiliate. That is the best way to earn money from online, even as you sleep.

Online Surveys Jobs for Student to Earn Money

Scroll down further, so that you will be getting some more knowledge about how to earn money with survey online jobs? The survey contains a list of questions designed to find out the people’s thought on a product or services.

Each question has 3 – 5 options or sometimes even 10 options to choose based on your own experience and thoughts.

No matter, you are just posting your opinion. The Number of questions may also vary up to the requirements from the survey company and you will be paid from $1 to $10 per survey attended. The time frame to complete the surveys varies.

How to do surveys in ClixSense

With ClixSense, you have to qualify for the surveys based on your age, sex, location. So you should fill out your survey profile so that you can qualify for the most surveys.

Surveys offer the highest potential payouts, but you won’t qualify for every single one of them.

Here are some examples of surveys and what they will pay for a specific period of time.

  • Us offers a survey for $1.75 for a 13 minutes
  • The same company offers another survey at $2.10 for 18 minutes
  • Toluna is a company that offers two surveys and they pay $1 for both surveys and one is 6 minutes long and the other is 15 minutes
  • Some surveys pay $4.00 for 17 minutes of your time
  • Others surveys pay $1.17 for 15 minutes of your time

So its tough to say what your hour rate would be for taking surveys. It can vary from $2.40/hour to $14.11/hour.

Again, not huge income potential, but surveys pay the highest out of all the various tasks you can complete with ClixSense.

The joining procedure involves four steps to follow:

1.) We have to register a free account with ClixSense to become a part of their community.

online surveys jobs for students to earn moneyJoin ClixSense Now

2.) After completing your registration, login to your account dashboard and complete Profile surveys.

The answers in your profile surveys will be used to process every time before inviting you to attend any new surveys.

3.) When a survey matches your profile, you will be sent an invitation via Email to attend the survey.

4.) Once after successful completion, you will be rewarded with either Cash or Gift Vouchers.


Profile surveys may include asking questions about your lifestyle and activities, career and academics, profession and so and so…

Completing your profile surveys determine your chances of getting more paid online survey invitations to your Email.

Multi-national companies that pay these survey companies usually specify the exact requirement of what community of people they need to attend their surveys.

So, your eligibility to take part in more surveys is determined by your profile strength in those survey companies you had registered.

Update frequently your profile surveys to get more chances of survey invitations.

How to do surveys in Neobux

Click here to Register an Account at Neobux.

Online Surveys Jobs for Students to Earn Money

Also, you can do surveys online jobs in neobux. To access this feature,  by click on the “Offers” button on the top, then select surveys.

Conclussion, Online Survey Jobs is the easiest way to utilize some free time to earn money working from home but didn’t have some freelance skills. You can start how to do surveys in ClixSense and Neobux as you are beginner to the online surveys jobs, Along with this, you can learn the other jobs and can get skilled in it.

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